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Love Me Not

Love Me Not is a Korean movie. Suave womanizer Julian has lived a fairly comfortable life by swindling rich woman, but a costly miscalculation leaves him in serious debt to the tone of three billion won. He has one month to pay off his debt, or meet a bloody end in the hands of notorious debtor Gwang Soo. Julian comes up with a malicious plan to pose as the long-lost brother of blind heiress Ryu Min, and then murder her to inherit the fortune. Julian meets his match with the cold and distrusting Min, but over time their hearts begin to open to each other. The only problem: Gwang Soo is still waiting.

Kim Joo Hyuk as Julian
Moon Geun Young as Ryu Min
Lee Ki Young as Gwang Soo

Release Date: January 29, 2007
Language: Korean

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