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Machiben / マチベン is Japanese drama series, also known as The Street Lawyers. Four lawyers at a small law firm struggling with the questions of what justice is and what it means to save people. Ryoko Amachi, an attorney who has once worked as a prosecutor. With the other three lawyers at the same firm, she tackles outdated laws and the public that criticizes the weak, and fights with prosecutors over a truth. Ryoko faces up to the case of alleged false accusation in which she was involved as a prosecutor.

Broadcast network: NHK

Season 1
Total Episodes: 6
Air time: Saturday 21:00-21:58
Broadcast period: 2006-Apr-08 to 2006-May-13
Theme song: Eien by EXILE

Esumi Makiko
Yamamoto Koji
Sawada Kenji
Nakajima Tomoko
Kobayashi Takashi
Sawamura Ikki
Yamamoto Kei
Ryu Raita
Yuki Saya
Iwata Sayuri
Itaya Yuka
Matsuda Miyuki (ep1)
Matsuyama Kenichi (ep1)
Ohkura Kouji (ep2)
Okunuki Kaoru (ep2)
Wakamura Mayumi (ep3)
Ito Kazue (ep3)
Kishibe Ittoku (ep4)
Harada Natsuki (ep4)
Tanimura Mitsuki (ep5)

Scenario: Inoue Yumiko
Music: 吉俣良

Season 2
Tagline: Otona no Deban

Watari Tetsuya
Ishizaka Koji
Chii Takeo

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