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Marrying the Mafia II

Marrying the Mafia II / 가문의 위기 is a South Korean film. This movie is the sequel to 2002’s hugely popular Marrying the Mafia. The story is about the oldest son of a mafia family, who is pressured by his family to settle down and get married. But when he finds the perfect girl, she turns out to be the daughter of a powerful district attorney. The perfect girl’s co-worker turns out to like her as well, but she does not like him so he turns to the darker side of the law. Unfortunately for him, the mafia son has more that a few tricks up his sleeve and gets support from his dim-witted brothers and henchman.

Directed by Jeong Yong-gi

Shin Hyeon-jun
Kim Won-hee
Kim Su-mi

Release date 2005 (South Korea)
Running time 115 min.
Language Korean

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