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Master Kims

Master Kims is a Korean movie. It tells a story about a man named Kim with a taekkyun studio and another man named Kim with a kendo studio compete for students. One day, another man named Kim moves into town and sets up a kung fu studio, but his prodigious talents threaten to bankrupt the other two.

Shin Hyun-joon
Choi Seong-guk
Kwon Oh-joong
Oh Seung-hyun
No Ju-hyun
Kwon Oh-min
Lee Han-wi
Park Cheol-min
Kim Byeong-man
Tak Jae-hoon (cameo)

Cinematography by Seo Geun-hee
Produced by Taewon Entertainment
Distributed and sold internationally by Showbox.
Runtime 97 min.
Release date: February 8, 2007
Written by Park Seong-gyun
Directed by Park Seong-gyun

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