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“Mata, Lobang”

“Mata, Lobang”“Mata, Lobang” is an Indonesia comedy movie. It tells a story about Furi, an activist of women’s right defender coincidently see from his roof hole, his neighbour Nancy having sex. From that moment on, Furi become courious and want to peek it again.

But then Nancy move from that boarding house, lefting Ana who is a very polite and elegant. Ana’s beauty often make Furi nervous and strange. Furi keeps strugelling with what he wants because he feels shy because he is a defender of women’s right. But when his passion and mind contaminated, nothing canstop him.
Genre : Comedy
Release date : N/A
Runtime : 13 Menit
Official Website : N/A
Casts : Adhi Wijaya,Erlanny C.H., Ding Widi Anggraeni
Director : Elysabeth Ongkojoyo
Writter : Mahbub Fuad Wibowo

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  1. elysabeth ongkojoyo elysabeth ongkojoyo

    i’m sorry, i just want to correct that Furi is a Man, it means he’s a “He” not “She”. thank you so much for the understanding.

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