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Mau Dong Ah


Raden Mas Panji Komeng has a unique hobby is eating crackers. He is the founder of an organization. All people even own a beautiful Secretary (Happy Salma) strongly supports the standard Raden mas sexy Komeng including (Perez Julia). Jupe actually already has the idol / lover (Damien Perez).

On a day to meet with Jojon Komeng Jojon because they are dealing with criminals flock to rob the house Komeng. Jojon worked as a security guard. He has been exposed to bad luck, the artist’s car hit the section (Cut Memey) and bounced into the goat pen. Relatives work ignores him except Lia (Andi Soraya) a very admired.

The story is very funny scrolling and humanist. Shaking belly began July 30, 2009 in all theaters Indonesia.

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