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Mendadak Dangdut

Mendadak Dangdut

Mendadak Dangdut is an Indonesian movie. Petris is a new comer alternative rock singer with selfish behavior. The only person who could understand her is Yulia, her older sister who is also become her manager. One day, accidentally they are involved in the serious problem that caused them have to escape from their previous neighborhood. In their hiding, they are listening to dangdut group Senandung Citayam.

Release Date : August 10, 2006
Director : Rudy Soedjarwo
Writer : Monty Tiwa

Casts :
Titi Kamal
Dwi Sasono
Vincent R.
Sakurta H. Ginting

Studio : Sinemart Production
Runtime : 90 min.
Website :

Movie Trailer :

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