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Merah itu Cinta

Merah itu Cinta / Red is Love is an Indonesian tragic love story movie. Raisa has been in a relationship for a year with a photographer, Rama. In one fateful night when Raisa wants to meet Rama, Rama dies in a car accident. The incident plunges Raisa to a deep misery, until Rama’s old friend, Aria, appears to seemingly rescue Raisa. But Aria brings an air of mystery that tickles Raisa’s curiosity. The curiosity leads her closer to Aria, although another twist of fate awaits at the end.

Release date: July 16, 2007
Official Website : Merah Itu Cinta

Gary Iskak as Aria
Marsha Timothy as Raisa
Inong as Fanny
Yama Carlos as Rama

Director: Rako Prijanto
Producer: Gope T. Samtani, Subagio Samtono
Writter: Nova Rianti Yusuf

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