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Mito Komon

Mito Komon / 水戸黄門 is Japanese drama series. Over 1000 episodes, Mito Komon is the longest running Japanese TV drama in history. The main character, Mito Mitsukuni, born in 1628, is based on Tokugawa Mitsukuni, one of Tokugawa Ieyasu’s grandsons, son of Tokugawa Yorifusa, and lord of the province of Mito (now Ibaraki prefecture). He was a scholarly recluse best known for researching the Dai-Nihonshi, a history of ancient Japan. Late in his life, he adopted the literary name “Komon” (Yellow Gate). The stories are based on popular legends about his incognito rovings around Ibaraki.

Genre: Jidaigeki renzoku with a kanzen-choaku flare
Episodes: 1080 (as of end of season 36)
Broadcast network: TBS
Broadcast period: 1969-Aug-4 to present, with one-season breaks in-between
Air time: Monday 22:00

Season-by-season Schedule

Season 01: 1969-Aug-04 to 1970-Mar-09 (32 eps)
Season 02: 1970-Sept-28 to 1971-May-10 (33 eps)
Season 03: 1971-Nov-29 to 1972-June-05 (28 eps)
Season 04: 1973-Jan-22 to 1973-Sept-17 (34 eps)
Season 05: 1974-Apr-1 to 1974-Sept-30 (26 eps)
Season 06: 1975-Mar-31 to 1975-Nov-03 (32 eps)
Season 07: 1976-May-24 to 1977-Jan-10 (34 eps)
Season 08: 1977-July-18 to 1978-Jan-30 (29 eps)
Season 09: 1978-Aug-07 to 1978-Jan-30 (27 eps)
Season 10: 1979-Aug-13 to 1980-Feb-11 (26 eps)
Season 11: 1980-Aug-18 to 1981-Feb-09 (26 eps)
Season 12: 1981-Aug-31 to 1982-Mar-01 (27 eps)
Season 13: 1982-Oct-18 to 1983-Apr-11 (26 eps)
Season 14: 1983-Oct-31 to 1984-July-09 (37 eps)
Season 15: 1985-Jan-28 to 1985-Oct-21 (39 eps)
Season 16: 1986-Apr-28 to 1987-Jan-19 (39 eps)
Season 17: 1987-Aug-24 to 1988-Feb-22 (26 eps)
Season 18: 1988-Sept-12 to 1989-May-01 (33 eps)
Season 19: 1989-Sept-25 to 1990-Apr-16 (29 eps)
Season 20: 1990-Oct-22 to 1991-Oct-07 (48 eps)
Season 21: 1992-Apr-06 to 1992-Nov-09 (32 eps)
Season 22: 1993-May-17 to 1994-Jan-24 (36 eps)
Season 23: 1994-Aug-01 to 1995-May-15 (40 eps)
Season 24: 1995-Sept-11 to 1996-Jun-10 (37 eps)
Season 25: 1996-Dec-09 to 1997-Oct-27 (43 eps)
Season 26: 1998-Feb-09 to 1998-Aug-17 (26 eps)
Season 27: 1999-Mar-22 to 1999-Oct-18 (30 eps)
Season 28: 2000-Mar-06 to 2000-Nov-20 (34 eps)
Season 29: 2001-Apr-02 to 2001-Sep-17 (25 eps)
Season 30: 2002-Jan-07 to 2002-Jul-01 (25 eps)
Season 31: 2002-Oct-14 to 2003-Mar-24 (22 eps)
Season 32: 2003-July-28 to 2003-Dec-15 (17 eps)
Season 33: 2004-Apr-12 to 2004-Sep-13 (22 eps)
Season 34: 2005-Jan-10 to 2005-Jun-06 (20 eps)
Season 35: 2005-Oct-10 to 2006-Mar-13 (20 eps)
Season 36: 2006-Jul-24 to 2006-Dec-18 (20 eps)
Season 37: Starts 2007-Apr-09

Satomi Kotaro as Mito Mitsukuni (S31 to present)
Ishizaka Koji as Mito Mitsukuni (S29 to S30)
Nishimura Ko as Mito Mitsukuni (S14 to S29)
Tono Eijiro as Mito Mitsukuni (S1 to S13)
Harada Ryuji (S36)
Goda Masashi (S36)
Yumi Kaoru (由美かおる) (S36)
Shoei (S36)
Saito Akira (斉藤晶) (S36)
Yamamoto Gaku (S29)

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