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My Girl

My Girl

My Girl is a Korean drama series, starring Lee Dong Wook as Gong Chan, the heir to a large company fortune owned by his ailing grandfather. He spends his days regretting his past decisions – in particular when he severed ties with his own daughter because she fell in love with a man deemed unsuitable. She gave birth to a baby girl. But then his daughter and her husband died in an earthquake. Gong Chan’s grandfather has been trying to track his granddaughter down. One day Gong Chan meets the young and energetic Yoo Rin, played by Lee Da Hae, who reminds him of his aunt. This gives Gong Chan an idea to make his grandfather’s dying wish come true. So begins a complex relationship between the young couple.

Release Date: September 12, 2006
Language: Korean

Lee Da-hae (이다해)
Lee Dong-wook (이동욱)
Lee Joon-ki (이준기)
Park Si-yeon (박시연)
Byeon Hee-bong (변희봉)
Jo Kye-hyeong (조계형)
Hwang Bo-ra (황보라)
Lee Eon-jeong (이언정)
Kim Yong-rim (김용림)
Choi Ran (최란)
Han Chae-young (한채영)
Jae Hee (재희)

Production: SBS
Distribution: SBS

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