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My Lucky Star

My Lucky Star

My Lucky Star is a Taiwanese TV drama. Zhong Tian Qi and Xia Zhi Xing: the young master of Jewel Kingdom and a con-artist. Because of an accidental meeting, they fall in love. In the process of their love, they give each other only sincerity, and cared not for the difference in their positions. Zhong Tian Qi taught Xia Zhi Xing to not lie again. Xia Zhi Xing let Zhong Tian Qi, who resented the mundaneness of the world, change into someone open and warm because of love and love the ordinary world.

Title: 放羊的星星 / Fang Yang De Xing Xing
English title: My Lucky Star
Genre: Romance
Broadcast network: TTV / SETTV
Broadcast period: 2007-Mar-11 to 2007-??-?? / 2007-Mar-18 to 2007-??-??
Air time: Sundays 21:30 / Saturdays 21:00
Opening theme song: 我們的紀念 (Wo men de ji nian) Our Memory by 李雅微/Li Ya Wei
Ending theme song: 對望 (Dui wang) Looking at each other – Jimmy Lin/林志穎

Jimmy Lin as Zhong Tian Qi 仲天騏
Yoo Ha Na (劉荷娜/유하나) as Xia Zhi Xing 夏之星
Leon Jay Williams as Zhong Tian Jun 仲天駿
Hong Xiao Ling as Ou Ya Ruo 歐雅若
Lee Wei as Han Zhi Yin 韓志胤
Wang Dao (王道) as Zhong Wei 仲威
Dong Zhi Cheng as Guang Ming 光明
Huang Yu Rong as Zhao Shi San 趙十三
Chen Wei Min (陳為民) as Fa Ge 發哥
Zheng Xiao Hui (鄭曉慧) as He Bao Zhu 何寶珠
Guo Shi Lun as Wu Ren Yao 吳仁耀
Niu Cheng Ze
Meng Ting Li (孟庭麗)




  2. purple purple

    nice song n nice casts

  3. pink_bj pink_bj

    this is a good movie

  4. pink_bj pink_bj

    i wish that u will make a continuation of that movie

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