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One Day Suddenly

One Day SuddenlyOne Day Suddenly, is a Korean drama series about two women, Oh Yoo-ran (Sung Hyun-ah) and Go Eun-hye (Song Sun-mi), who are born on the same day. They grow up in different social classes, but they remain best friends. Eun-hye is married to Kang Shin-hyeong (Lee Jong-won). Shin-hyeong ends up having an affair with Yoo-ran. The plot mixes elements of love, heartbreak, cheating, betrayal, and forgiveness to create an exciting story.
Title: Eoneunal Gapjagi
Also known as: Some Day
Genre: Drama, Romance
Total Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2006-02-24 to 2006-04-28

Song Sun Mi as Go Eun-hye
Sung Hyun Ah as Oh Yoo-ran
Lee Jong Won as Kang Shin-hyung
Yoon Sung Hoon as Cha Yoon-soo
Kim Yong Rim
Jung Wook
Kim Il Woo
Chong Kyung Soon

Chief Producer: Kim Young Sup
Director: Park Young Soo
Writter: Park Hyun Joo


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