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Seoul 1945

Seoul 1945Seoul 1945 is a Korean drama that takes place during the turbulent times in Korea. The story revolves around four young adults. Choi Woon-hyuk was initially born in a poor family. However because of his ambitions and hard work he goes to study in the Soviet Union and becomes a side man of a high figure. Moon Suk-kyung, being the daughter of a land owner was born into a high class background. As for Kim Hae-kyung she was born into a family oftenant farmers that work on the land Suk-kyung’s father owns. Lee Dong-woo is an adopted son of President Lee Seung-man. See how these four ambitious lives cross in Seoul, 1945.

Queen of the Game

Queen of the GameQueen of the Game is a story about the revenge. 23 years ago, Kang Eun Seol’s father, Kang Jae Oh, stole the position of Lee Shin Jun’s father. This led to Lee Shin Jun’s father to commit suicide with his wife and son. Now 23 years later, Lee Shin Jun, also known as Chase, wants revenge and is not going to stop until he gets it. He makes Kang Eun Seol fall for him, so that he can get to her father. But there is a twist, Lee Shin Jun has also fallen in love with Kang Eun Seol, but Lee Shin Jun’s partner, Park Joo Yun loves him too. Later Eun Seol finds out about Shin Jun’s revenge plot against her father and she decides to get revenge on him for using her.

Pure 19

Pure 19Pure 19 is about Gukhwa, a young country girl who leaves Yanbian(China) and goes to Seoul because she is getting married. When she arrives in Seoul, she finds out that her fiance had just died in a car accident. Instead of going back to China, she decides to stay and create a new life in Korea. With the help of her fiance’s nephew, Woo Kyung, and his family, she is able to endure the hardships of living in a foreign country.

Over the Rainbow

Over the RainbowOver the Rainbow a drama romance about three people who loved to dance. Jeong Hee-su (Kim Ok Bin) ran away from her father in New Zealand and tried to make a go as a singer in Seoul. She ended up renting a room in Hwon Hyeok-ju’s (Ji Hyun Woo) home and helped him realized his talent in dancing. Her main goal was to become famous and for that she turned to the famous singer Rex (Hwan Hee) and dumped her boyfriend Hyeok-ju. Rex didn’t mind being used and helped her along even though Hee-su wasn’t that talented.

Outrageous Women / Rude Woman

Outrageous Women / Rude WomanOutrageous Women is a Korean drama series, inspired by “Desperate Housewives”. Outrageous Women or Rude Woman, tells a story about Mi Joo, a divorcee who seek revenge on her ex-husband, Jung Suk, a surgeon who had remarried with his beautiful wife, Eun Young and their daughter Ha Na. Mi Joo then meets Rookie, a former baseball player who happened to be the owner of the house she rents in Korea upon her arrival after 10 years living in U.S with her son, Joon.

One Fine Day

One Fine DayOne Fine Day, a Korean drama series, is about Seo Haneul (Sung Yuri) who lost her mother in a fire. She was later adopted by a wealthy family and experienced a life of many twists and turns. Seo Gun’s father had married an unwed mother, thus making Seo Haneul his sister in the eyes of the law. After their parents passed away, Seo Haneul was adopted by a wealthy chairman of a large organization who has also became a gangster. Upon using Haneul to extort money, Seo Gun and Haneul slowly fall in love with each other.

One Day Suddenly

One Day SuddenlyOne Day Suddenly, is a Korean drama series about two women, Oh Yoo-ran (Sung Hyun-ah) and Go Eun-hye (Song Sun-mi), who are born on the same day. They grow up in different social classes, but they remain best friends. Eun-hye is married to Kang Shin-hyeong (Lee Jong-won). Shin-hyeong ends up having an affair with Yoo-ran. The plot mixes elements of love, heartbreak, cheating, betrayal, and forgiveness to create an exciting story.

My Sister

My SisterMy Sister, a Korean drama series, revolves around a twenty-something woman who is unexpectedly thrown into the cold world together with her immature brothers, after losing her father to a sudden accident. Within a very short period, she experiences the two extreme facets of life. Coming face-to-face with poverty, something that is more scary and unfamiliar than sadness, she also has to withstand psychological downfall, which is more difficult than her loss of wealth. Fortunately, there is a man standing next to her, quietly supporting her. She overcomes her crisis thanks to this simple, warm-hearted man and his family, finally recovering her original place through her own strength and means. Through this young woman and stories about people around her, this drama series intends to ponder about the true and worthy values that we need to pursue to make our lives more meaningful.

My Lovely Fool

My Lovely FoolMy Lovely Fool is a Korean drama series about a woman (Cha-Yeon) who grows up in an orphanage with her friend Ho-Tae, Cha-Yeon got married and had a child named Duri and then got divorced. Duri, is born ill and, Cha-Yeon had to earn money to save her son, Cha-Yeon does whatever she needs, and agrees to marry the rich Dong-Ju who uses Cha-Yeon to create a scandal, so his current wife Seung-Hye would divorce him. Dong-Ju and Seung-Hye did not marry out of love and after endurng a difficult marriage they agree to divorce, and after divorce, Seung-Hye begins to fall for Ho-Tae who is irresponsible but charismatic in his own way… to add complication to the mix, Seu Hekyeong is attracted to Dong-Ju for his wealth and status, but Dong-Ju begins to fall for Cha-Yeon whom he married on paper just to get out of his marriage… Meanwhile, Seung-Hye’s sister Eun-Woo is a patient at the hospital where Dong-Ju’s brother Dong-Hyeon works as a medical resident.

My Love

My LoveMy Love, a Korean drama series, tells about Jang Mi-ran, a single mother of four left who raise her children alone after losing her husband to a paragliding accident. While enduring social troubles faced by single mothers, she finds love in the re-appearance of her high school friend, Jo Yi-han.

Also known as: La La La House