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Heavenly In-law

Heavenly In-law, a Hong Kong drama series, is about a goddess, Flower goddess from heaven wishes to find true love but in heaven falling in love is not allow. Her mother Flower Queen found her missing for one day so the queen went to earth. (one day in heaven=10years in earth) But can she really find her true love? Will the king of heaven allow her?

Devil’s Disciple

Devil’s Disciple is a Hongkong drama series. The Sacred Sword Sect, the most prestigious kung-fu cult in the martial world, would like to recruit students into a course on the long-lost “Big Dipper Array”. The fresh-faced Shing Fung and the aloof-looking King Lui (Kevin Cheng) are both admitted to the Sect. In the meantime, the vicious Bloody Shadow Sect, which was once destroyed, comes to life again. The newly appointed leader Mok Man, along with her disciples, suddenly comes to attack the Sacred Sword Sect. Fung is seriously injured, but with the help of Shui Ling, who is a good friend of his and a member of the Unity Clan, he manages to survive. Fung makes a notable progress with his kung-fu skills after his recovery. The leader of the Scared Sword Sect Pak Tong Ngo, also known as the Saint of Sword, thinks highly of Fung and is going to marry off his daughter Pak Tong Chi-Lung to the lad. Just before the wedding, Fung is found to be Man’s twin brother – the heir to an atrocious kung-fu cult. Fung has been an ardent admirer of the Sacred Sword Sect but the disclosure of his true identity has pushed him into a dilemma between righteousness and evil. And Lui, who has a love-hate relationship with Man, also gets caught up in a painful struggle.

Best Bet

Best Bet

Best Bet is a Hongkong drama TV series. It is about a young master gambler, Hor Yi, who was a very lucky boy since he was young. Hor Yi was gambling since he was 3, his parents did not bother to teach him to stop the gamble. Hor Yi’s childhood friend Sing is one of a casino owner. When Hor Yi and Sing was young, Sing backstabbed Hor Yi for taking a beauty drawing from their teacher after that they are enemies. Hor Yi met a girl named Do Lai Ying (Linda Chung), Lai Ying hated gamblers because her father was a gambler but when she first met Hor Yi she didn’t know he is a gambler. Hor Yi really want Lai Ying has her wife, unfortunaly Lai Ying married him to save his father when Hor Yi was in coma. Hor Yi awaken but Lai Ying requried for her and Hor Yi divorce. But Hor Yi managed to convice her to stay by never gamble again. Can Hor Yi don’t gamble anymore? If he does will he be trading money or his wife?

The Peak

The Peak is Singaporean television drama series produced in 2007. Set in Singapore’s offshore, marine and maritime industry, Cai Zhenya is a greenhorn maritine engineer who volunteers to travel to Brazil to work under Fang Hong’an for a super-grade drilling platform(P-52) construction project.

Working under Fang Hong’an, who is nicknamed the Iceman, will not be easy however but Zhenya will not be one to give up without a fight as she sets out fulfill Hong’an’s sometimes impossible demands.

Let It Shine

Ying Huo Chong De Meng / Let It Shine is a Singaporean television drama series produced in 2007.

Title: 萤火虫的梦 / Ying Huo Chong De Meng / Let It Shine
Genre: School
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: MediaCorp Ch 8
Broadcast period: 2007-Jan-16 to 2007-Feb-12
Air time: Weekdays 19:00 to 20:00
Opening theme song: 这就是我们 by Finalists of Campus Superstar

The Sun’s Daughter

Tai Yang De Nu Er

Tai Yang De Nu Er / 太陽的女兒 / The Sun’s Daughter is Taiwanese drama series. On her wedding day, the vivacious Hu Yang Yue died in a car accident. Her spirit lived on in three girls, Yin Si Jia, You Ma, and Su Hui Ting, who were given a second chance in life because of her self-less organ donations.

In memory of Xu Wei Lun, the production company kept the scenes she shot before her sudden death in January 2007. Xu Wei Lun was involved in an accident on the Taichung stretch of Taiwan’s National Highway No. 1 at 23:15 on 2007 January 26 while travelling with her assistant to Nantou for the filming of Tai Yang De Nu Er. She passed away on January 28, 2007 at 19:37 local time. They rewrote the script so that Penny Lin could complete her last work.