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Paradise Murdered

Paradise Murdered

Paradise Murdered is a Korean movie. The film takes place on a fictional island off the coast of Korea, where seventeen people mysteriously disappear leaving suspicion of foul play. Geukrak Island is a small dot of land off Mokpo on the southwest coast of Korea. Investigators find evidence of foul play in the form of a gun, a bloody knife, and a cryptic bloodstained note, but there is no sign of bodies or of the seventeen people who inhabited the tiny village on the island.

Title: 극락도 살인사건, Geukrakdo Salinsageon; aka Homicide Case on Paradise
Director: Kim Han-Min [김한민]
Release date: April 12, 2007

Park Hae-Il [박해일]
Seong Ji-Ru [성지루]
Park Sol-Mi [박솔미]
Lee Dae-Yeon [이대연]
Park Won-Sang [박원상]
Choi Ju-Bong [최주봉]
Kim In-Mun [김인문]

Trailer: mms://

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