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Princess Hours

Princess HoursPalace- Princess Hours! is a Korean romantic comedy/drama. It became one of MBC’s most popular dramas of 2006, second only to Jumong. Due to the success of the first season, a second season has been produced. Goong 2 is currently being planned, and Goong S started its run on January 10, 2007.

Princess Hours sets in an alternate 21st-century reality where Korea possesses a royal family, this show revolves around the lives of the Crown Prince Lee Shin, and his new bride, Chae-kyeong. The depicted royal family in the show is modelled after the last royal family of Korea, which in reality reigned until the start of the Japanese Occupation in 1911 and was not reinstated after Japanese surrender in WW2.

The series starts off with the news that the King, Shin’s father, is severely ill. With the grim outlook on the King’s health, the royal family scrambles to find a wife for Shin, so as to allow him to take over the royal throne if the situation requires. Shin is in love with another girl, the ambitious and talented ballerina Hyo-rin who Shin initially proposed to. But Hyo-rin rejects him to pursue her ballet dreams.

Shin eventually marries a commoner who he was betrothed to by his late grandfather in an old agreement with the girl’s grandfather. Shin marries the headstrong yet lovable Chae-kyeong after Hyo-rin’s rejection. Despite initially feeling nothing for Chae-kyeong, love eventually blossoms between the couple.

In the meantime, however, matters are further complicated with the return of Lee Yool and his mother Lady Hwa-Yong, who was once the Crown Princess before the death of her husband, the late Crown Prince, older brother of the current King. Yool and his mother were chased out of the palace some time after the death of his father, and it is later revealed that this was due to the King’s discovery of an affair between Yool’s mother and the current King who was his father’s younger brother. Yool’s mother had returned with a sinister motive in mind; to restore her son back to the throne, which would have been his eventually, if his father had not died. A series of events befall the palace with the schemes Yool’s mother carries out, and is further intensified by the various scandals involving the royal family, which are inclusive of the Shin’s continuing relationship with his old flame Hyo-rin, and the budding love Yool develops for Chae-kyeong, his cousin’s new-found bride…

Yoon Eun Hye as Shin Chae-kyeong
Joo Ji Hoon as Lee Shin
Kim Jeong Hoon as Lee Yool/Prince Uiseong
Sung Ji Hyo as Min Hyo-rin
Lee Yoon Ji as Princess Hyae-Myeong (Shin’s older sister)
Jeon Ji Ae as Lee Kang-hyun (Chae-kyeong’s friend with glasses)
Lee Eun as Kim Soon-young (Chae-kyeong’s friend)
Dan Ji as Yoon Hee-soong (Chae-kyeong’s friend)
Kang Nam Gil as Chae-kyeong’s father
Im Ye Jin as Chae-kyeong’s mother
Kim Suk as Shin Chae-joon (Chae-kyeong’s younger brother)
Kim Sang-joong as Lee Soo (Yool’s deceased father)
Kim Hye-ja as Yool’s grandmother
Shim Hye-jin as Lady Hwa-Yong (Yool’s mother)
Yoon Yoo-seon as the Queen (Lee Shin’s mother)
Choi Bool-am as Shin and Yool’s deceased grandfather

Also known as: Goong – Love in Palace or Palace
Alternate title: “Princess Hours.”
Total episode: 24 episodes.
Written by In Eun-ah.
Based on the comic book by Park Soh-hee. Produced by Hwang In-roi.
Production Company: Eight Peaks
Director: Hwang In-Roi
Run from January 11 to March 30, 2006 (first season)



  1. charmaine charmaine

    this is the best koreanovela I’ve ever seen and i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    PRINCESS HOURS is the best!!!

  2. jojo jojo

    best siot…….terutama sekali prince yul.. hensem jatuh cinta at first sigh kita tengok…

  3. princess hours is my life no one can be change this i swear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. kharroleine sarah kharroleine sarah

    you know what i’m very proud of you all……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  5. i!s i!s

    princes hOurs d! Tayangin l9 di indosiar donK????? PliEz……….. Ku kangen bangetttddd ma lEe yul…. Al!as kim jEon9 hoOn????? Di tayang!n tEruz jg gx aph2? Gx bakalan bOsen! Oran9 yg gx l!at flm pr!nces hOurs tu orAng rug!……………,… Buan9Edtt.

  6. jammy jammy

    this is a cute series..
    but i like the manga(manhwa) better…
    it shows more side of shin..which was really cute..:)

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