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Pruning the Grapevine

Pruning the Grapevine

Pruning the Grapevine (Podo-namulul Be-a-ra) is a Korean drama movie. It tells a story about Soo-hyeon, a student at Catholic Theological Seminary, who decides to pull himself together and focus on his studies after breaking up from his girlfriend, Sua. One day he receives the news of his mother’s illness, and with the permission from school authorities, he spends a night at home. The next day, he departs for the train station but finds himself unable to take a school-bound train, heading instead to his ex-girlfriend, Sua. He is dispirited from Sua’s adamant unwillingness to see him. Back at school, Soo-hyeon makes the difficult decision to quit studying, but is persuaded by the rector to go to a monastery for spiritual purification.

Director: MIN Boung-hun
Production: Cine Space
Casts: SEO Jang-won
Release Date: FEB 22 2007

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