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Sang Dewi

Sang Dewi is an Indonesian movie. Sang Dewi (The Goddess), bears an uncanny resemblance to Titi DJ’s famous song back in 1999. Laras is a prostitute. Her life is ruined after tirelessly looks for one true love. She tries to kill herself. A mute fighter, Deno, comes to rescue her. His presence reaffirms Laras’ belief on love and life.

Also know as: The Goddess

Sabai Morscheck as Laras
Volland Humonggio as Deno
Cathy Sharon
Donny Alamsyah
Dendy Subangil
Dolly Martin
Ria Irawan

Directed by Dwi Ilalang
Written by Dwi Ilalang, Jeremias Nyangoen
Production Company by Big Daddy Production & Starvision

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