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Satu Untuk Satu

Satu Untuk Satu

Satu Untuk Satu is Indonesian drama movie. Adiel and Adam are Indonesian students who went to school in the Kangguru Country. Both of them had the life that completely was the opposite. If Adam be known as playboy that was used to alternate the sweetheart, Adiel was the loyal girl who will not forgive betrayal.

Runtime: 106 menit

Andreas Setiawan as Adam
Jovita Nathalie as Adiel
Bobby Embry Asmoro
Evelyn Amerinda
Kadek Lilia Baturi
Dewi Liyanto
Fritz Loho
Evert Loho
Tommy Kurniawan

Director: Ferry Lie
Producer: Aoura Lovenson Chandra
Writer: Aulia Sutedjo

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