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School Rumble


School Rumble / スクールランブル, Sukūru Ramburu is a manga serialized created by Jin Kobayashi. School Rumble story is about daily lives of students of the fictional Yagami High School and their surroundings. Tenma Tsukamoto, a second year high school girl with no special qualities, has a crush on Oji Karasuma, a stonefaced eccentric. The generally clueless Tenma finds it difficult to confess her love to him. Meanwhile, Kenji Harima, the male protagonist and a delinquent, has developed a crush on Tenma. He too has difficulty confessing to her. As the series progresses, the story changes focus to the relationship that develops between Harima and Tenma’s close friend, Eri Sawachika, which results from various embarrassing situations involving Eri and Harima.

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Total episode: 26.

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  1. Bit of an aquired taste I think, they don’t half come with some weird ideas for Japanese manga cartoons…well, weird for people in the west.

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