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See How They Run

See How They Run

See How They Run is Thai comedy movie. A mischievous ghost boy is trying to find his father. Feeling lonely, the ghost boy wants to make friends with people. He enjoys scaring humans and causing chaos in the village. When no one can stop the ghost boy, the only hope for the villagers is the local abbot who devises a way to trap the naughty ghost. Sounds a bit like Casper?

Release Date: 10th May 2007
Language: Thai
Running Time: 81 mins
Rating: U
Genre: Comedy

Jaturong Phonbool
Noppadon Songsang
Jarmorn Tantanasiriwong
Naritchana Wattanawongsiri
Prasitechoke Manasantachart

Directed by: Emily Morse, Jaturong Pholboon
Local Distributor: Golden Screen Cinemas

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