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Shanghai Bund

Shanghai Bund

Shanghai Bund / 新上海滩 / Xin Shang Hai Tan is Taiwanese drama action series. It is a remake from the original serie The Bund/上海滩 (1980), starring Chow Yun Fat as Hui Man Keung (Xu wenQiang), Angie Chiu Ngor Chi as Fung Ching Ching (Feng ChengCheng) and Ray Lui Leung Wai as Ting Lik (DingLi). The original was cantonese.
In 1930. Xu WenQiang was expelled from his university when he was captured by the police during a protest. That was the last time he saw his love from university, XiaoYun. After he got out of prison, he went to ShangHai. he quickly got in touch with XiaoYun again. But soon he found out that she had changed. She was now the woman of ShangHai’s mob boss, Mr.Feng Jing Yao, who was the most powerful man in ShangHai. After WenQian got off the train to ShangHai he unexpectedly saved a pretty lady, Feng ChengCheng. At that time, he didn’t know that he would later fall in love with her. ChengCheng was the daughter of Mr.Feng. Mr. Feng helped WenQiang and his new friend (best mate) DingLi become powerful men in Shanghai Bund. WenQiang was always reluctant to do his duty under Mr. Feng’s orders, for he was extremely principled and righteous.

Also known as: Shanghai Beach / The New Shanghai Bund
Genre: Action/Romance
Episodes: 42
Broadcoast network: JSTV (
Broadcoast year: 2007 Jan 20
Opening theme song: 上海灘 / Shang Hai Tan sung by Frances Yip
Ending theme song: 就算没有明天 by Huang Xiao Ming and Sun Li

Huang Xiao Ming as 许文强 Xu WenQiang
Sun Li as 冯程程 Feng ChengCheng
Li Xue jian (李雪健) as 冯敬尧
Huang Hai Bo (黄海波) as 丁力
Chen Shu as 方艳芸

Director: Gao Xi Xi
Setting: Shanghai, China

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