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She’s On Duty

She’s On Duty is Korean action comedy movie. After bungling an important sting operation involving a Yakuza-run sex slavery ring, Detective Chun Jae In must make amends by going deep undercover as a high school student! Her mission is to make friends with Seung Hee (Nam Sang Mi, from (Too Beautiful to Lie), the daughter of Cha Young Jae (Kim Kap Soo), a reformed crook who holds the key to prosecuting a notorious mob boss, but who is impossible to track down. With constant exams, school bullies, and a budding crush on a handsome, but mysterious high schooler (Gong Yoo, from My Tutor Friend), to deal with, can Jae-In find Mr. Cha before the mob does?

Kim Sun Ah as Detective Chun Jae In
Gong Yoo
Park Sang Myun

Release Date: June 20, 2005
Language: Cantonese, Korean

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