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Shiri (쉬리, Swiri) is a 1999 and box office Korean movie. An elite group of North Korean soldiers are put through a brutal training regime. Under the auspices of their commander, Park Mu-young, they will be sent into South Korea as sleeper agents, to be reactivated at some later date. The most promising of the group is Lee Bang-hee, a female sniper who systematically kills several key South Korean government figures over the next few years. At the same time, South Korea is searching for Bang-hee. The agent in charge of her case, Yu Jong-won has nightmares about her murdering both him and his partner, Lee Jang-gil. Yu is also currently engaged to a young woman, Myung-hyun, a former alcoholic and the owner of a fish and aquarium supply store. They are happy together, but Yu is worried that he cannot tell Myung-hyun about the real nature of his job due to his security clearance.

Directed by Kang Je-gyu
Written by Kang Je-gyu

Han Suk-kyu – Yu JongWon
Choi Min-sik – Park Mu-young
Yunjin Kim – Lee Myung-hyun / Lee Bang-hee
Song Kang-ho – Lee Jang-gil
Johnny Kim – Jung Dae-Ho (credited as Derek Kim)
Hwang Jeong-min
Jang Hyeong-seong
Kim Su-ro
Lee Seung-Shin
Park Yong-woo

Music by Dong-jun Lee
Release date February 13, 1999 (South Korea)
Running time 125 min.
Language Korean

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