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Smile Babo aka Life Is Beautiful

Smile Babo aka Life Is Beautiful is a Korean movie. This is a Korean comedy about two very silly guys . Two of Korea’s leading comic actors Choi Sung Kook (Master Kims) and Gong Hyung Jin (Marrying the Mafia 3) pair up in Life is Beautiful, the Korean version of Dumb and Dumber. Directed by Choi Jin Won (Mr. Socrates), this lighthearted comedy is about two eccentric lowbrows who discover their own humorous ways of jumping over life’s many huddles.

A surprisingly entertaining blend of humor and pathos, Life Is Beautiful gently holds up a mirror to reflect some of the illogical silliness that exist among so-called “normal” people who are often too quick to judge others as being “different”.

Daehan and Mingook are best friends, but their intelligence is a bit lacking. Daehan is a romantic guy who dreams of marrying his childhood friend Jieun. As the two bumble through the storyline, the movie develops when Daehan heads to a nearby military base motivated by Jieun’s casual comments that a man is not truly a man until his military duties are complete.

Release Date : 2008
Director: Choi Ji Won

Choi Seong Gook
Kong Hyeong Jin
Choi Jeong Won

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