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Snow Flower

Snow Flower, a Korean TV drama, portrays affection and conflict between a mother (Kim Hee Ae) and her only daughter (Go Ah Ra). Kim Hee Ae was a poor but smart woman. When she was younger she met Lee Jae Ryong’s character and they fell in love. They got married and she had a daughter. She later finds out that her husband has a wife and two children back in Japan. So, she divorces him and has custody of her daughter. Later, she becomes a writer of a best seller novel and achieves a lot of fame and wealth. Because she’s so busy, her mother takes care of her daughter, and the daughter feels closer to her grandmother rather than her own mother. The mom has a boyfriend who is a romanticist, and though they’re going out, he doesn’t want to get married and she’s fine with that. Suddenly, her kind and obedient daughter turns against her and they begin to form a sort of rivalry/war.
Go Ah Ra forgets about her father and cannot even recall what his face looked like, but one day, she accidentally interferes with a phone call from him that was meant for her mother. She’s shocked because her mother lied about what truly happened to her father, and becomes angry at her mother. She gives up college and for no reason, decides she’s going to become an actress. By chance, she’s casted in a movie that is based on her mother’s bestseller. To anger her mother, she goes out with her boss, Han In Chan (Kibum’s half brother) and becomes the queen of scandals. When she goes to see her father, she is disappointed to see him so well off, unable to understand his reason for not being there as she was growing up.

Title: 눈꽃 / Snow Flower / Snow Flakes
Total Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast Period: 2006-Nov-20 to 2007-Jan-09

Go Ah Ra
Kim Ki Bum
Kim Hee Ae
Lee Jae Ryong
Park Ji Mi
Han In Chan

Writer: Kim Soo Hyun

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