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Soo / 수 is an Korean action drama movie. The movie feature Kang Seong-yeon and Lee Gi-yeong. Tae-su (the ‘su’ of the title) witnesses the murder of his brother and becomes determined to exact his own grisly revenge.

Ji Jin-hee (지진희)
Kang Seong-yeon (강성연)
Moon Seong-geun (문성근)
Lee Ki-young (이기영)
Oh Man-seok (오만석)
Jo Kyeong-hwan (조경환)

Release date: March 22, 2007

Soo’s Trailer 1
Soo’s Music Video
Soo’s Trailer 3
Soo’s Trailer 4
Soo’s Trailer 5
Soo’s Trailer 6

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