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Special of My Life

Special of My LifeSpecial of My Life is a funny and touching Korean drama series of three friends, Park Kang-ho, Baek Dong-goo, and Jung Hyung-suk. Park Kang-ho is a police officer in the violence and crimes department, Baek Dong-goo is a scamp full of morality. Jung Hyung-suk is a low-class lawyer. All three fight to live up to their impure dreams while confronting head-on with the absurdities of society.
Title: 내 인생의 스페셜 / Nae Insaengui Seupesyeol
Also known as: Special of My Life / My Life’s Special
Total Episode: 8
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2006-Feb-06 to 2006-Feb-28

Kim Seung Woo as Park Kang-ho
Myung Se Bin as Yoon Sera
Sung Ji Ru as Baek Dong-koo
Shin Sung Woo as Jung Hyung-suk
Kang Eun Bi

Director: Lee Jae Won
Written by: Park Kyung Soo


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