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Super Cops

Super Cops

Super Cops is a Hongkong TV series.

Title: 通天幹探 / Tung Tin Gon Taam / Tong Tian Gan Tan / The Ultimate Crime Fighter / Super Cops
Episodes: 35
Broadcast network: TVB
Filming Starts: March 2007

Moses Chan
Yuen Biao
Gigi Lai
Maggie Siu
Yoyo Mung
Wong Ching
Chan Ka Yee
Marco Ngai
Belle Lau
Leanne Li
Carlo Ng
Elaine Yiu
Yvonne Ho
Matthew Ko
Savio Tsang
Erica Yuen
Sam Chan
Vivien Yeo
Fala Chen
Sam Po Yi
Choi Hong Nin
Kevin Cheng

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