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Sword Stained With Royal Blood

Sword Stained With Royal Blood

Sword Stained With Royal Blood is a Taiwanese drama series. Swordplay novels by Jin Yong (aka Louis Cha) have been adapted into numerous TV series and films. Sword Stained With Royal Blood is no exception. Mainland Chinese director Zhang Jichong, after turning a few Jin Yong novels into well-received TV series, adapts Sword Stained With Royal Blood into an intriguing swordplay drama, with more historical elements added compared to previous versions. Singer/actor Bobby Dou stars as Yuan Chengzhi, son of a general who has been killed by the emperor. He comes across a beautiful girl named Qingqing, portrayed by Eva Huang from Kungfu Hustle, and they embark on exciting adventures together, with Yuan still bearing in mind his desire to revenge his father’s death. On his journey, he befriends another girl, Jiu, but it is only after they have formed a close relationship that she reveals her real identity as the royal princess, daughter of the emperor who killed Yuan’s father.

Title: 碧血剑 / Bi Xie Jian / Sword Stained With Royal Blood
Genre: Wuxia
Total Episodes: 35
Broadcast network: CTV
Broadcast period: 2007-Feb-01 to 2007-Feb-27
Air time: 20:00 – 21:30
Opening theme song: 好男儿 (hao nan er) by Han Lei 韩磊
Ending theme song: 和你在一起 (he ni zai yi qi) by Sun Nan 孙楠

Dou Zhi Kong as Yuan Cheng Zhi 袁承志
Eva Huang (黄圣衣) as Wen Qing Qing 温青青
Sun Fei Fei (孙菲菲) as A Jiu 阿九
Xiao Shu Shen (蕭淑慎) as He Tie Shou 何铁手
Ma Su (马苏) as An Xiao Hui 安小惠
Guo Jin (郭金) as He Hong Yao 何红药
Gao Hu (高虎) as Emperor Chongzhen
Vincent Jiao (焦恩俊) as Jin She Lang Jun 金蛇郎君
Chen Hao Feng (程皓枫) as Li Yan 李岩
Wang Xiao Ming

Original story (novel): Louis Cha
Producer: Zhang Ji Zhong (张纪中)
Director: Li Han Tao (李翰滔) / Zhou Jian (赵箭)

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