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Terowongan Casablanca (2007)

Terowongan Casablanca (2007)Terowongan Casablanca is an Indonesian horror movie. After making Astari pregnant, Refa go study abroad. When one day he meet Astari, Refa plan to abort the baby. In the process of the abortion, Astari wakes up and fights. Astari runs away with her baby still a half out from between her legs. Rafa panics, he kill Astari and the baby, bury them in an empty land next his apartment. Rafa doesn’t know that Astri’s body already taken by kuntilanak, and Astari is also become kuntilanak.
Genre : Horror
Release date : 2007-02-22
Runtime : 90 menit
Official Website :
Casts : Asha Syara, Ardina Rasti, VJ Vino
Director : Nanang Istiabudi
Writter : Faldhin Martha


  1. qRen AbiEs,,asLi bqIn akuuHH
    QtaKUtaN QrEn LaH ToP ABiS
    aSLi bQiN TeGAnG!!!

  2. tu yul tu yul

    critany menarik… nanti gw nonton ahh

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