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The Bird House

The Bird House

The Bird House, a Malay movie, tells a story abput two brothers oppose each other’s attempts to exploit their pre-war (peranakan) style house in Malacca. Huat, the younger brother wants to supplement his income by venturing into the birds’ nest market but he would have to convert the building into a large bird house without alerting the authorities. Keat, the elder brother who is working in Singapore, plans to convert it into an antique shop. Meanwhile, the ageing father, like the old house, says little but feels everything. “The Bird House” is an exploration of how today’s society devalue the ‘old’ in the face of modernisation and development. It parallels what is going on in a developing country like Malaysia and explores the tensions between the old and new, human desire and morality.

Release Date: 5th April 2007
Language: Mandarin
Running Time: 97 mins

Rating: U
Genre: Drama

KiatLee Lee
Sellapan a/l Virapan
EngBeng Lim
Mardiana Ismail
BokLai Loh

Directed by: EngYow Khoo
Local Distributor: Red Films Sdn Bhd

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