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The Bizarre Bunch

The Bizarre BunchThe Bizarre Bunch revolves around the family of ‘Jang’. Grandma Jang has two sons and one daughter. The oldest is Jae-do, who is forced out of his work and begins to look for labour jobs while his wife, Min-sook is a traditional home-maker who takes of her family and her mother-in-law.

Ki-woong (Jeong joon) is his son, and the eldest of the Jang grandchildren. Due to financial and other circumstances, Ki-woong never went to college; however he works hard to get his job at the cable channel on his own. Ki-woong has a younger sister Da-jeong, who’s trying to get into college but her interests on in fashion and play instead.

The second son, Jae-man, married a wealthy woman, Nara, who owns the ‘well-being home-shopping channel’ where Jae-man, their son, and Ki-woong all work. Jae-man and Nara’s son, Seok-hyeon (Go Joo-Won), who is known for his good looks and smart brain, has recently returned to Korea after completing his MBA degree from America.

The youngest daughter, Jae-ok is a widow, and on top of that she has lost her only child to an accident and lives in deep sorrow until one day an orphan Jong-nam (Kim Ah-Joong) visits her and gives her a present from Jae-ok’s deceased son. Jae-ok adopts Jong-nam, who is a bright and strong-willed woman, despite the difficult life she’s had. One day when Seok-hyeon is out on the street drunk, he runs into Jong-nam and ends up peeing on her by accident, and so begins their fate.

Nara’s good friend, Yoo-jeong, also has one child and her name is Hae-in (Kim Seong-Eun). Hae-in is a respectful, hard-working team manager at ‘well-being home shopping’.. Her mother and Seok-hyeon’s mother agree that they should become in-laws and they try to set up their children for marriage….

Title: 별난여자 별난남자 / Byeolnan namja byeolnan yeoja
Also known as: Peculiar Man, Eccentric Woman, Odd man and woman, Bizarre Family
Total Episodes: 170
Broadcast network: KBS1
Broadcast period: 2005-09-26 to 2006-05-19

Kim Young Ok (김영옥) as Suh Mal-ja (grandmother, 75)
Kang In Duk (강인덕) as Jang Jae-do (54)
Kim Hae Sook as Kang Min-sook (Jae-do’s wife, 51)
Jung Joon (정준) as Jang Ki-woong (Jae-do’s son, 27)
Sun Ji Hyun (선지현) as Jang Da-jeong (Jae-do’s daughter, 19)
Lee Young Ha (이영하) as Jang Jae-man (52)
Park Jung Soo as Jung Nara (Jae-man’s wife, 49)
Ko Joo Won as Jang Suk-hyun (Jae-man’s son, 26)
Lee Kyung Jin (이경진) as Jang Jae-ok (46)
Kim Ah Joong (김아중) as Kim Jong-nam (22)
Cha Hyun Jung (차현정) as Hye-young
Ahn Suk Hwan as Lee Byung-doo (51)
Kim Hye Ok (김혜옥) as Choi Yoo-jung (Byung-doo’s wife, 49)
Kim Sung Eun (김성은) as Lee Hae-in (Byung-doo’s daughter, 26)
Lee Il Hwa (이일화) as Lee Ok-doo (Byung-doo’s sister, 37)
Kim Bo Mi (김보미) as Myung-ja (Ok-doo’s business partner)
Choi Seung Kyung (최승경) as Park Joong-kyung (aka Cider Park, 35)
Suh Yoon Jae (서윤재) as Go Rira (32)
Shim Min (심민) as Oh Kyung-joo
Lee Sang Won (이상원) as Yoo Doo-man

Producer: Lee Duk Gun (이덕건)
Director: Lee Duk Gun, Park Ki Ho (박기호)
Written by: Lee Duk Jae (이덕재)
Music Director: Choi Chul Ho



  1. I Love this movie. I have been watching every single part of this movie. It was a good movie. I love this drama. I love all the actors and actress. Go Joo Won is a very cute actor. This is a sad drama. I love you all those people who act in this movie.

  2. byljafox byljafox

    Hi there Molly! Your lucky to have been able to see the bizzare bunch TV series.. i’ve been looking for this for months now but still can’t find a site where can i see it…Can you please share it with me where can i be able to watch this? i really love ah joong… please help. thank you very much..

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