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The Ghost Theater

The Ghost TheaterThe Ghost Theater, a Korean movie. In search of her grandmother who disappeared at the movies one day, young girl So Dan (Kim Kkot Bi) ends up at a run-down, dimly lit theater where she meets various wandering spirits who call the theater home. Among her newfound friends are a gothic-looking gisaeng (Han Ae Ri), a Japanese WWII lieutenant (Jo Hee Bong), a giddy Afroed clown (Park Yeong Soo), and portly Elisa (Park Joon Myeon, I’m a Cyborg, But That’s OK), who claims she’s the last Joseon Dynasty princess. They and her missing grandmother all seem to be connected to a mysterious banned film from years ago.

Release Date : 2006
Director: Jeon Gye Soo
Writer: Jeon Gye Soo

Kim Kkot Bi
Han Ae Ri
Jo Hee Bong
Park Yeong So
Park Joon Myeon

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