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The Gingko Bed

The Gingko BedThe Gingko Bed is a Korean movie. In our modern time, a College art instructor named Su-Hyeon lives an ordinary and happy life with his girl friend Seon-Young, who is a professional surgeon. One day, this ordinary life change to a more supernatural adventure when Su-Hyeon begins to have some visions and dreams of a beautiful woman from the old century. One night, wondering in confusion and thinking about the woman of his dreams, Su-Hyeon finds in an open air market, an antique wood gingko bed that is anything but ordinary. Not so long after he got his new acquisition in his apartment, he gets the unexpected visit of two spirits. The first one is Midan, the women he see in his dream, she has come to warn him that his life his in endangered by general Hwang, the second spirit.

Release Date : 1995
Director: Kang Je Gyu
Writer: Kang Je Gyu

Han Seok Kyu
Shim Hye Jin

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