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The Haunted School

The Haunted School

The Haunted School (Cantonese: 校墓處, pinyin: Hau Mo Chu) is an Asian horror film. Four boys are assigned to a girls’ school to further their studies but what might be heaven to most boys, turns out to be a nightmare for the four of them. After a secret party, love blossoms for the youngsters. When one couple is found dead mysteriously, another couple decides to challenge the rule forbidding students to fall in love, hoping that this will lead them to the cause of their classmates’ death.

Release Date: 15th March 2007
Language: Cantonese
Running Time: 90 mins

Rating: 18PL
Genre: Horror

Toby Leung
Don Li
Macy Chan
Dennis Mak
Theresa Fu

Directed by: ManKei Chin
Local Distributor: Golden Screen Cinemas

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