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The King and I

The King and IThe King and I / 왕과 나 (王和我) / King and Me, is a Korean Historical TV series, with total 66 episodes. This drama is about Kim Cheo Seon’s life during the Joseon Dynasty. He was a loyal and faithful eunuch for various Kings such as the 5th King, MoonJoong, and the 10th King, YunSan Goon, during the Chosun Era.

Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2007-Aug-27 to 2008-Apr
Air time: Mondays & Tuesdays 21:55 (9:55 Korean time)
Producer: Kim Jae Hyung
Screenwriter: Yoo Dong Yoon
The King and I Official Site:

Oh Man Suk as Kim Cheo Seon
Goo Hye Sun as Yoon So Hwa
Ko Joo Won as King Seongjong
Lee Jin as Jung Hyun
Jun Kwang Ryul as Jo Chi Kyeom (head of the eunuchs)
Jun In Hwa as Queen Dowager Insu (Seongjong’s mother)
Yang Mi Kyung as Queen Mother Jeonghee (Seongjong’s grandmother)
Jun Hye Bin as Seol Young (Chi Kyeom’s adoptive sister)
Ahn Jae Mo as Jung Han Soo (eunuch)

Kim Sa Rang as Er Yoon Chang (giseng)
Shin Goo as Noh Nae Si (Chi Kyeom’s adoptive father / former eunuch)
Kim Soo Mi as Soginopa (person in charge of discipline at the eunuch training place)
Yoon Yoo Sun as Wol Hwa (Cheo Seon’s foster mother / Soginopa’s daughter)
Han Jung Soo as Do Geum Pyo (eunuch)
Kang In Hyung (강인형) as Moon So Un (eunuch / Cheo Seon’s friend)
Kang Nam Gil as Choi Cham Bong
Kim Ha Kyoon as Jang Soon Woo
Ahn Kil Kang as Gae Do Chi (knifesmith)
Kim Hyuk (김혁) as Park Deok Hu (Lady Yoon’s first love)
Jung Eun Chan (정은찬) as Yoon Ki Hyun (Lady Yoon’s older brother)
Lee Geon Joo (이건주) as Song Gye Nam (Cheo Seon’s fellow eunuch)
Kim So Hyun as Lady Jung (Chi Kyeom’s wife)
Yang Jung Ah as Oh-ssi (Cheo Seon’s mother)
Kim Jung Min as Beodeuri
Lee Young Eun as palace member
Kim Da Hyun as Choi Ja Chi
Kim Yong Heon as Eom Nae Kwan
Kim Myung Soo as Yang Sung Yoon
Kim Byung Chun (김병춘) as Yang Seong Yun
Kim Jong Kyu as Han Myung Hwe (Jung Hyun’s father / minister)
Park Dong Bin as Goo Sung Gun (minister)
Yoon Hye Kyung as Eom Gwui In
Jung Yoon Suk as Yoong (So Hwa’s son)
Yoo Min Ho as King Yejong (Seongjong’s uncle)
Joo Min Soo as young Cheo Seon
Park Bo Young as young So Hwa
Yoo Seung Ho as young Jaeulsangun (King Seongjong)
Jun Han Eun as young So Un
Jo Jung Eun as young Beodeuri
Baek Seung Do as young Han Soo
Maeng Chang Min as young Song Gye Nam
Sun Woo Jae Duk as Yoon Ki Kyun (So Hwa’s father)
Choi Jung Won as Lady Shin (Ki Kyun’s wife)
Ho Hyo Hun as young Ki Hyun
Kim Byung Se as King Sejo
Lee Il Jae as Kim Ja Myeong (Cheo Seon’s father)


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