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The King and The Clown

The King and The Clown

The King and The Clown is a Korean drama movie. It is set in the Joseon Dynasty during the reign of King Yeonsan, an infamously tyrannical monarch. Jang-saeng, a member of the Namsadang Troupe, comes to Hanyang (currently Seoul) with Kong-gil to escape the abuse of powerful aristocrats. After arriving in the capital, Jang-saeng and Kong-gil perform a skit satirizing the King and his concubine Nok-su, quickly attracting attention. The palace learns of it, and they are arrested. While enduring excruciating torture, Jang-saeng raves that if given the chance, he could make the King laugh. Fortunately, he is given the chance to prove himself.

Director: Lee Jun-ik

Gam Wu-seong
Lee Jun-ki
Jeong Jin-young

Certification: Ages 15 and up
Production Date: 2005
Runtime: 119 minutes

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