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The Last Princess

The Last Princess

The Last Princess is a Hong Kong drama series. During the Qing Dynasty, a prostitute decides to dress up her daughter, Lee Hoi Sum, (Leila Tong) as a boy in attempt to prevent her from following the same path as she did, and become a prostitute like her. The attempt is unsuccessful. Years later, Lee Hoi Sum is well-known throughout the capital as the most popular courtesan.
Grown up, Lee Hoi Sum makes a sudden decision in order to help her mother repay her gambling debts, which is to marry a rich eunuch. To her horror, he tries to violate her on their wedding night. To protect herself, Lee Hoi Sum murders her new husband. At the same time, Lee Hoi Sum’s mother reunites with her husband, who happens to be a wealthy government official. Not long, Lee Hoi Sum is married again. This time, it is due to her wealthy father, who marries her off to Fong Tin Yi (Yan Kuan). However, what with Lee Hoi Sum’s first love, Leung Yuk (Sammul Chan) returning home, drama ensues.

Title: 最后的格格 / Zui Hou De Ge Ge / The Last Princess
Episodes: 28
Broadcast period: 2007

Leila Tong as Lee Hoi Sum (李开心)
Sammul Chan as Leung Yuk (温良玉)
Yan Kuan as Fong Tin Yi (方天宇)
Huo Si Yan (霍思燕) as Wan Heung (云香)

Producer: Yu Zheng (于正)

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