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The Lobbyist

The Lobbyist / 로비스트 / 엔젤 / Angel is a Korean TV series. It is about a female lobbyist dealing with international arms traders. Kang Tae Hyuk is a successor of a main munitions business company in Korea. He is a young businessman with perfect appearance using a refined phraseology. He has an innate ability as a lobbyist and is a master schemer. He plans to sweep over the whole of Asia.

Total Episodes: 24
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2007-Sept

Song Il Gook as Harry
Jang Jin Young as Maria
Han Jae Suk as Kang Tae Hyuk
Yoo Sun as Eva
Hu Joon Ho as James Lee (Maria’s teacher / trainer)
Kim Mi Sook as Madame Chae
Kim Seo Ra
Lee Mi Young as Jung Soon (Harry’s mother)
Sung Dong Il as Sung Shik (Maria and Eva’s father)
Kim Joon Sung as Michael

Screenwriter: Choi Wan Kyu

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  1. Rowena Rowena

    i am very fond of watching korean series in the Philippines. In fact, when i started to like Song il Gook in EOTS and Jumong, i read somewhere that he is doing another series!
    I look forward that GMA 7 Philippine network will buy the rights to air this series!

    I love his acting!

    I want to share a very nice site I always read about him

    Only Song Il Gook –
    Gentle Song –

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