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The Master of Tai Chi

The Master of Tai Chi / 太极 / Tai Gik is HongKong TV series. The story sets in the early 1900s and stars Vincent Zhao as a lonely orphan, who at an early age, was deserted by his family and was forced to live by himself in a forest, creating extreme hatred and prejudice against others. He learns “tai gik” kung-fu and meets the his best friend, played by Melissa Ng, and also his rival, played by Raymond Lam.

Total Episodes: 30
Broadcast period: 2007

Vincent Zhao
Raymond Lam
Melissa Ng
Myolie Wu
Kenneth Ma
Selena Li
Power Chan
Derek Kwok
Fred Cheng
Lau Siu Ming
Yoyo Chen
Jimmy Au
Ellesmere Choi
Jacky Wong
Al Wai
Kong Hon
Tai Chi Wai
Lau Kong
Wong Chi Hang
Leung Kin Ping

Producer: Leung Ka Shu, Choi Ching Sing
Director: Choi Ching Sing

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