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The Old Garden

The Old Garden

The Old Garden / 오래된 정원 is a Korean drama movie, about Hyun-woo, who steps out of prison after 17-year sentence for his anti-government activities. During that time, everything has changed. His mother tells him of the death of Yoon-hee, who harbored and loved him right before he was caught 17 years ago. To memories with her, Hyun-woo goes back to the place where the two had spent a few months together. He reads Yoon-hee’s diaries and letters, and finally discovers that she was the only one who remained loyal to him to the end. Because of her faith and love, the despair and loneliness that Hyun-woo felt after his imprisonment is slowly healed. He also discovers that Yoon-hee left him their daughter.

Title: The Old Garden / 오래된 정원 (O-rae-doin Jeong-won)

Written and directed by Im Sang-soo
Based on a novel by Hwang Seok-young

Ji Jin-hee
Yeom Jung-ah
Kim Yu-ri
Yun Hee-seok
Yoon Yeo-jeong
Lee Eun-seong
Park Hye-sook
Ban Hyo-jeong

Produced by MBC Productions.
Runtime: 112 min
Release date: January 4, 2007

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