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The Passion of Anna

The Passion of Anna is a Thai movie. A group of unscrupulous cineplex guards, headed by Chai, devise a plan to secretly film young students in various stages of smooching in the halls. They have placed cameras in strategic positions, including the alleys beside the building and the ladies’ toilets. Kao, a disgruntled cineplex employee who was forced to install the CCTV cameras, spots Praew, a voluptuous young girl running from the grips of the sick and twisted guards. Kao, without fully understanding what has taken place, runs to her aid.

Release Date: May 3, 2007
Language: Thai
Running Time: 84 mins
Rating: R21
Genre: Thriller

Stuart Whitman
Frank DeKova
John Qualen
Anthony Caruso
Cornel Wilde

Directed by: Ingmar Bergman, Allan Dwan, Saranyoo Wongkrachang
Local Distributor: Cathay-Keris Films

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