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The Peak

The Peak is Singaporean television drama series produced in 2007. Set in Singapore’s offshore, marine and maritime industry, Cai Zhenya is a greenhorn maritine engineer who volunteers to travel to Brazil to work under Fang Hong’an for a super-grade drilling platform(P-52) construction project.

Working under Fang Hong’an, who is nicknamed the Iceman, will not be easy however but Zhenya will not be one to give up without a fight as she sets out fulfill Hong’an’s sometimes impossible demands.

Title: 最高点 / Zui Gao Dian / The Peak
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: MediaCorp Ch 8
Broadcast period: 2007-Jan-08 to 2007-Feb-05
Air time: Weekdays 21:00

Christopher Lee as Fang Hong’an (Iceman) 方弘安
Dawn Yeoh as Cai Zhenya 蔡真雅
Qi Yu Wu as Sky Chen Tianjun 陈天俊
Ben Yeo (杨志龙) as Lu Ka 路卡
Elvin Ng as Cai Zhihang 蔡志航
Jeanette Aw as Zhong Xiaoyang 钟晓阳
Ann Kok (郭淑娴) as Xiuping 秀萍
Lin Mei Jiao (林梅娇) as Lingling 玲玲
Huang Wen Yong (黄文永) as Tietou 铁头
Eelyn Kok (郭惠雯) as Lin Shuanghui 林双慧
Benedict Goh (吴伟杰) as Mark

Screenwriter: 洪荣狄
Producer: 谢敏洋

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