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The Price of Greed

The Price of Greed

The Price of Greed is a Hong Kong TV series. It is about Kate, who plays the daughter of a rich guy, falls in love with Sammul. Unfortunately for Kate and her father, Sammul is a conman who is only interested in her money and plans to get rid of her and her father after they get married so he can get at the cash. Bosco plays a police officer, who has a crush on Kate, which is not reciprocated. He is investigating Sammul, but can’t quite get enough evidence to bring him to justice.

Title: 千謊百計 / Chin Fong Bak Kai / Qian Huang Bai Ji / The Price of Greed
Genre: 1920’s – 1930’s costume
Broadcast network: TVB

Sammul Chan as Fung aka. Yip Heung Wing
Bosco Wong
Shirley Yeung
Kate Tsui
Vivien Yeo
Kingdom Yeun
Ben Wong
Sam Chan
Mary Hon
Kwok Fung (郭鋒)

Producer: Tsui Yu On

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