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The Sun’s Daughter

Tai Yang De Nu Er

Tai Yang De Nu Er / 太陽的女兒 / The Sun’s Daughter is Taiwanese drama series. On her wedding day, the vivacious Hu Yang Yue died in a car accident. Her spirit lived on in three girls, Yin Si Jia, You Ma, and Su Hui Ting, who were given a second chance in life because of her self-less organ donations.

In memory of Xu Wei Lun, the production company kept the scenes she shot before her sudden death in January 2007. Xu Wei Lun was involved in an accident on the Taichung stretch of Taiwan’s National Highway No. 1 at 23:15 on 2007 January 26 while travelling with her assistant to Nantou for the filming of Tai Yang De Nu Er. She passed away on January 28, 2007 at 19:37 local time. They rewrote the script so that Penny Lin could complete her last work.

Broadcast network: CTS
Broadcast period: 2007-Apr-13 to 2007-???-??
Air time: Weekdays 20:00
Opening theme song: 光芒 (guang mang) by Xu Wei Lun
Ending theme song: 唯一的唯一 (wei yi de wei yi) by Xiao Yu 小宇

Shi Yi Nan as Kang Shao Qi 康劭祺
Joanne Zeng as Hu Yang Yue 胡映月
Penny Lin as Yin Si Jia 尹思嘉
Xu Wei Lun (許瑋倫) as Yin Si Jia (Ep 1 to 3)
Yao Yuan Hao (姚元浩) as Zhang Jun Wei 張俊偉
Yao Yi Ti (姚以緹) as You Ma 尤瑪
Zhou Cai Shi (周采詩) as Su Hui Ting 蘇慧婷
Qiu Xiu Min (丘秀敏) as Ah Bu 阿布
Lance Yu (余秉諺) as Da Lu 達魯
Zhang Fu Jian as Yin Cheng Tai 尹承泰
He Jia Xin (和家馨) as Zhang Wen 張雯

Screenwriter: Yang Man Li 楊曼麗 / Gao Mei Yi 高湄義/ Qiu Zhao Yu 丘昭瑜
Producer: Che Qing Yu 車慶餘 / Wang Zhong Guang 王重光 / Wang Zhong Zheng王重正


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