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The X-Family

The X-Family / 終極一家 / Zhong Ji Yi Jia is a Taiwanese TV drama. After Da Dong and his gang lost all of their powers, dark forces began to invade on their world and other parallel worlds. To help restore Da Dong’s power, scouts were sent out to other parallel worlds to find Da Dong’s alternate self. They found a boy named Xia Tian whose fighting power was abnormally high. If they could harness his fighting potential, he could save all the worlds from falling into the hands of the dark forces.

Broadcast network: GTV
Broadcast period: 2007
Air time: around summer
Ending theme song: 最愛還是你 (Zui Ai Hai Shi Ni) by Tang Yu Zhe
Related shows: KO One

Pauline Lan as Xia Xiong 夏雄
Jiro Wang as Xia Tian 夏天
Tang Yu Zhe as Xia Yu 夏宇
Huang Xiao Rou as Xia Mei 夏美
Wu Chun
Calvin Chen
Yan Ya Lun
Zhang Hao Ming
Na Wei Xun
Xie He Xian
Lu Jian Yu (陸建宇)
Li Jie Sheng (李傑聖)
Cai Han Cen (蔡函岑)
Chen De Xiu (陳德修)


  1. wandy X-zora wandy X-zora

    I cannot wait until the movie out.
    what is the real sotry about the X-family????

  2. I really like to watch the x family it was the best movie that i never watch before because i have a frieds she just tell me about this movie and i had watch this movie about 20 time it funny and cool that why i think this movie is the best movie i never watch before.
    If you guys do had some more movie can you please email at thank you

    I love you guys.

    By:Sandy Ly

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