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Unnale Unnale

Unnale Unnale

Unnale Unnale (2007) is a Tamil movie. Karthik (Vinay) is an outgoing software engineer who flirts with every girl that crosses his path. He is sent to Melbourne on business and there, he bumps into his ex-lover, Jhansi (Sada), an introvert. Jhansi and Karthik had been lovers in Chennai but their contrasting attitudes led to their drift. Karthik also meets Deepika (Tanisha), a bubbly girl who tries to bring the ex-lovers together but in the process, she falls for Karthik. Caught between the two, Karthik is left in a fix trying to decide which girl he should walk down the aisle with.

Release Date: 14th April 2007
Language: Tamil
Running Time: 150 mins
Rating: U
Genre: Romance


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