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Vanished is Japanese horror movie. A group of schoolmates decided to play “the game” – a game which transport souls to a room where they might find a missing thumb and whoever finds it would have their wish granted. Takeshi is transported to a room where he scrambles around in search of the missing thumb, but hears Yumiko’s scream from another room. As he tries to find her, someone taps him on the shoulder. Thereafter, Yumiko disappeared. Years later, they played the same game in search of Yumiko, but one by one they disappear.

Release Date: 10th May 2007
Language: Japanese
Rating: U
Genre: Horror

Shiho Harumi
Ken’ichi Matsuyama
Runa Nagai
Ken Miyake
Ayumi Ito

Directed by: Naoto Kumazawa
Local Distributor: Cathay Keris Films

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