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Voice of a Murderer

Voice of a Murderer

Voice of a Murderer / 그놈 목소리 is a Korean movie, based on the true story of a popular news anchor whose son is kidnapped. For more than a month following the kidnapping, the family is tormented by phone calls from the kidnapper.

Sol Kyung-gu
Kim Nam-joo
Gang Dong-won
Kim Young-cheol
Song Young-chang
Goh Su-hee
Kim Kwang-gyu
Na Moon-hee (cameo)
Yun Jae-moon (cameo)

Runtime: 122 min
Release date: February 1, 2007
Director: Park Jin-Pyo
Producer: Lee Yu-Jin
Writer: Park Jin-Pyo
Cinematography: Kim Wu-Hyeong
Music: Lee Byeong-Wu
Lighting: Go Nak-Seon
Production: Jip
Distribution: CJ Entertainment

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Trailer: :

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